CODE BAR018 - BAR019

BASKET stretcher


Stretcher made of high density polythene with aluminum frame, complete with polyurethane foam mattress and adjustable footrest. Supplied with 3 quick release safety belts. Very light, it is indicated for the transport of injured people in difficult conditions.

NB: The stretcher cannot be used vertically
Suitable for transporting the ZOE spine board (BAR025).


Option codes:

-CUS109: long case in blue nylon with zip on the short side and handle for wall attachment for BAR018


Available in 2 versions:


BAR018 unique non-divisible piece

BAR019 divisible version


MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health BAR018 nr. 171960 CND classification V0899 BAR019 no. 171981 CND classification V0899


Dimensions (L x W x H): 2170 x 620 x185 m

Weight BAR018: 13,50 kg

Weight BAR019: 17 kg

Capacity: 278 kg


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