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Insect bites and summer: which products to have in your range against mosquitoes?

Summer is around the corner, bringing longer days, warmer temperatures, and increased exposure to insects and other external agents. To fully enjoy this wonderful season, it’s essential to prepare with the right products for skincare and protection.


Mosquito products and repellents: the essential line for summer


Mosquitoes are one of the main concerns during the summer months. Whether it’s a barbecue in the garden or an outdoor evening, having effective products against mosquitoes is essential. Here are our key products:


Mosquito repellent products: protective pouch with essential oils


A natural and protective solution against insect bites, enriched with essential oils that create an effective barrier, particularly useful during the warmer months. This product is perfect for those looking for a natural method to protect themselves from mosquitoes in the garden.


Roll-On mosquito bite relief with ammonia: instant and effective relief


Our Roll-On Mosquito Bite Relief with Ammonia is the ideal companion for outdoor summer evenings. This innovative solution combines the soothing action of ammonia with botanical extracts like aloe vera and lavender essential oil, offering immediate and long-lasting relief from itching and irritation caused by mosquito bites. Its potent formula, combined with the convenience of the roll-on format, ensures precise application without waste, making it a must-have for every bag.


Mosquito Repellent: Quick Relief – Soothing Lotion


Formulated with ammonia to provide immediate relief from insect bites, contact with irritating plants, and jellyfish stings, this lotion is a great addition to every family’s summer kit. Its quick and soothing action makes it indispensable for those who love spending time outdoors.


Don’t forget the essential products for skincare and protection


Here’s a preview of our exceptional range of products designed to tackle the summer challenges related to skin health and well-being:


Disinfectant Soap Sachet

This powerful formulation, enriched with antiseptics and emollients, effectively cleans hands and skin, offering reliable protection against pathogens. Ideal for keeping hands clean and sanitized during outdoor activities.


Puravir – Disinfectant Wipes

Ideal for rapid and safe disinfection of the skin, these wipes provide protection against viruses and bacteria, keeping the skin sanitized. They are convenient to carry with you on any summer occasion, ensuring continuous protection.


Personalization for Your Brand


All these mosquito products, as well as those for skincare, can be customized with your graphics, allowing you to enrich your brand’s assortment with effective and high-quality solutions. Offer your customers products that combine protection, care, and convenience, enhancing their experience during the summer season.


For more information on how to distribute and customize these mosquito products for your brand, click here to discover our complete range and make the most of the beautiful season.