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Do you know the mandatory safety equipment for bathing establishments?

With summer approaching, it is crucial to ensure maximum safety in bathing establishments and swimming pools, where fun blends with the need to safeguard the lives of swimmers.


Mandatory equipments in Bathing establishments


Among the mandatory equipment that cannot be missing, the first aid kit stands out as an essential resource for addressing any emergency. This should comply with current regulations, containing vital supplies such as sterile gloves, saline solution, and devices for measuring blood pressure.



In addition, crucial tools such as the AMBU ventilation bag and Guedel airway tubes ensure prompt intervention in case of respiratory problems. The presence of an oxygen cylinder, properly equipped, is fundamental for emergency situations requiring immediate oxygen supply.


Serious Accidents


In the event of serious accidents, such as spinal injuries, the spinal board becomes indispensable for immobilizing the patient and transporting them safely. Similarly, the stretcher offers practicality and robustness in assisting victims, ensuring safe and comfortable transportation.



But perhaps one of the most vital tools is the defibrillator, capable of saving lives in case of cardiac arrest. It is mandatory for every bathing establishment to be equipped with this device and for the staff to be trained to use it correctly.



In addition to providing these vital tools, it is crucial to promote safe behaviors among bathers. Beach or pool safety is not only about equipment but also about education on accident prevention.




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