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DIN FIRST AID KITS: European Standards for Workplace First Aid Kits

Workplace safety is a top priority, and having an adequate first aid kit is essential for ensuring the well-being of employees. The European DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) standards set rigorous requirements for the contents of first aid kits, ensuring they are always ready to handle medical emergencies in a business environment.



What a DIN FIRST AID KIT Contains According to DIN Standards

The DIN standards specify various requirements for first aid kits, with the most common being:


  • DIN 13157: This standard is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises. It includes bandages, disinfectants, scissors, sterile gloves, and a first aid manual.


  • DIN 13169: Suitable for larger companies, this kit contains more supplies than the DIN 13157, adding additional bandages, elastic bandages, and thermal blankets.


  • DIN 13164: Standard for vehicles, specifying the necessary materials for roadside first aid.



Standard contents of a DIN 13157 FIRST AID KIT


  1. Bandages and Dressings: Various types and sizes to cover different types of wounds.
  2. Plasters: Different shapes and sizes for small cuts and abrasions.
  3. Disinfectants: Solutions for cleaning wounds.
  4. Scissors and Tweezers: For cutting dressings and removing foreign objects.
  5. Sterile Gloves: Essential for preventing infections.
  6. First Aid Manual: Guidelines for using the kit and emergency procedures.



The Importance of Compliance with DIN Standards

Following DIN standards is crucial not only for legal compliance but also to ensure that staff have the necessary tools to handle medical emergencies. DIN FIRST AID KITS are designed to be comprehensive and easy to use, reducing the risk of errors during a first aid intervention.



Customization and Available Formats

PVS can provide DIN FIRST AID KITS in various formats, adaptable to the specific needs of your company. We offer the possibility to customize the contents of the kits based on the type of activities performed and the number of employees, ensuring that each kit is adequately equipped to handle any emergency.


Additionally, PVS offers the option to graphically customize the kits, including your company logo and other useful information, making them not only functional but also in line with your corporate image.



Why Choose PVS


With extensive experience in workplace safety, PVS guarantees high-quality products that comply with current regulations and are customized to meet every need. Trust PVS to ensure your company is always prepared to handle any emergency with the best DIN FIRST AID KITS available on the market.


For more information and to discover all customization options, contact us today!