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Cooling clothing: everything you need to know

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Even though we are still in February, it’s time for companies to start planning work – and preparing employees – for the summer months.


Protecting worker from heat-related risks



Protecting workers from heat-related risks is a very serious matter. In Italy, there are several laws and decrees that protect workers during periods of extreme heat and regulate situations where high temperatures can pose a health risk.



Employers must, of course, adhere to serious and precise rules, as well as be clear and objective about risk perception.



PVS has a line of cooling clothing: let’s find out when it’s appropriate to use it!



The Italian National Labor Inspectorate has made a document available specifying how heat-related risks are assessed, explaining tools and methodologies.


Prolonged exposure to heat stress increases the risk of injury, as it makes the worker stressed and fatigued by the heat. This possibility, which is possible for all workers, is accentuated for all those who spend time working outdoors: construction of all types, mining, agriculture and maintenance sectors, maritime and beach sectors are just a few of the sectors we are talking about.



There are various ways to prevent heat-related injuries at work – from avoiding work shifts in the hottest hours of the day to reducing physical exertion through the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).



The risk of heat-related illness (temperatures ranging from 35°C and upwards are considered high) falls within the scope of risk assessment contained in art. 28 of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008, which requires the employer to identify and adopt prevention and protection measures.



PVS cooling clothing and accessories



On the PVS website, you can find cooling clothing. What are its benefits?


• Improved thermal comfort;


• reduction of sweating and better breathability;


• reduction of body temperature and heart rate;


• improved concentration;


• better work performance;


• reduction of heat stress symptoms.



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