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Blue detectable plasters: what they are and why they are used

In critical contexts such as those related to food safety, every detail matters. Among the essential tools to ensure high hygiene and safety standards are blue detectable plasters.



What are blue plasters?

Blue detectable plasters are adhesive devices designed specifically for use in environments subject to strict regulations such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). Their main feature is the bright blue color, which makes them easily identifiable and distinguishable in case they become detached and contaminate food. These plasters not only provide immediate intervention in case of minor injuries but also offer additional safety in the food sector.



Why are blue plasters used?

The reason behind using blue detectable plasters is clear: to minimize the risks associated with food product contamination. Since HACCP requires careful monitoring of every phase of food production and handling, including blue plasters in the safety routine becomes essential to prevent potential accidental contaminations.



Extended range and solutions for the HORECA Sector

To meet the specific needs of the HACCP sector, PVS offers a wide range of blue detectable plasters. These plasters are designed to ensure regulatory compliance and food safety, allowing for easy identification and removal when needed. Additionally, PVS provides specialized kits such as the HACCP KIT and Burn Kit, ideal for the HORECA industry (Hotel, Restaurants, Catering). These kits contain not only blue detectable plasters but also other essential materials for emergency management and workplace safety. With these comprehensive solutions, the food sector can tackle daily challenges with greater safety and compliance.



In conclusion, blue detectable plasters are a crucial component for HACCP environments, offering a practical solution for food contamination prevention. Thanks to the complete range of products offered by PVS, food companies can enhance their regulatory compliance and ensure maximum safety for consumers.

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